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Building More Than Muscle

Building More Than Muscle

It has been a year since I started taking my health and wellness seriously. Not only did I lose 30 lbs but more importantly I gained confidence and healthy habits. In order to see lasting change you have to start with consistent behavior and habits. And yes, there were days I wanted to give up. But in those moments had to level up my mindset and push through. When you repeatedly do something day in and day out, you build confidence in your ability to be consistent and accomplish your goals.

Here's what a little exercise can do for you:

🤸🏾 As little as 5 to 10 minutes of aerobic exercise can noticeably lower your anxiety.

🤸🏾 Improve your quality of sleep – which can reduce stress.

🤸🏾 Boost Your Confidence and Self Worth

🤸🏾 Elevate your mood, decrease tension, and increase emotional stability.

If you need some accountability and support in leveling up your health and wellness, come join our community.

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